The Three Essentials to Living a More Balanced Life

In one hour, you'll discover the 3 key essentials that you need to know and identify practical steps to live more on purpose.

Book onto this one hour live Masterclass webinar if you:


✅ Want to know how to improve your Health & Well-Being

✅ Want to feel more Assured & Confident when making importnat life decisions

✅ Want to improve your Confidence & Self-Esteem

✅ Want to improve your Relationships

Date: August 20 | Time:

1 pm EST (New York) and 6 pm GMT (London)
'I feel I can use the information from this webinar to live a more meaningful life. Thank you for delivering the webinar!' - Asma
The Masterclass webinar includes a FREE downloadable Workbook

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In this Masterclass webinar:

#1 You will learn that you don't in fact need more time to live your dreams, just the right tactics

#2 You will be shown the tools to improve your life, even if you don't know where to begin

#3 You'll be surprised to learn that your comfort zone may be the biggest obstacle holding you back

Your Host


I’m Tafazal Mohammed. A coach, mentor & trainer obsessed with helping Muslims live the life they deserve.

I’m a living example of change.
I was struggling in most areas of my life... doing a job that did not inspire me... going 'through the motions' of life and neglecting my own health & well-being. Outwardly I was coping, inwardly I was withering away.
To top it all, my own painful experience of divorce in my 50’s left me feeling unworthy & lost as I had built my whole life on looking after others at the expense of my own health & well-being. I became withdrawn, depressed, and had lost my self-esteem and self-worth.
'Jazakallah khair the webinar was empowering' - Ulfa
Being a man, a Muslim & a divorcee, I was faced with stigma, self-shame & a world that didn’t fully recognise my needs.
BUT I faced my fears, had courage, and the belief that it IS possible & I changed my life. I discovered my worth, true potential & the REAL me! I became Version 2.0, married my Soul Mate Victoria (who moved from America to be with me last year), and got accepted to compete for a Guinness World Record Knuckle Push Up Challenge! Masha'Allah!
I've since been on Islam Channel talking about my health journey, featured in a magazine (Vitality), and did a mini-video series about relationships with Victoria on
And ....
👉  I’m passionate about helping you to identify what you need right now to instiute simple daily habits and strategies that are proven to motivate you to make those important changes you've been wanting for so long. 
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