Life Balance Workbook


A step-by-step guided Workbook to help you create more balance in your life.

The Workbook contains full instructions on:

Identifying what’s important to you

How to identify suitable goals

Daily, Weekly and Monthly printable planners



Modern-day living can often be a balancing act, where we are trying to manage so many responsibilities. It is, therefore, possible that we end up focusing on a few areas in our lives, whilst neglecting other important ones. In the short term, this may be necessary, however, over time, this can create major issues if not addressed

The solution is to take a step back and have a birdseye view of different areas of your life. This is where this Life Balance Workbook comes in. You will work through this guided Workbook, step-by-step, to help you identify areas where you are currently thriving and other areas where you should re-focus your attention to create more balance.

As Muslims, the key to knowing what is centrally important to us is guided by our faith. When we look at our lives through our ‘faith lens’, we will begin to see the importance of balance and also the need to frame each aspect of our life according to what will serve us best – in this life and the next. This Life Balance Workbook will help you start that journey, insha’Allah.