The Challenge is to help YOU have more focus and clarity on doing the things that MATTER, even if you don't know WHERE to start or WHAT to do!
Each day there will be a mini-challenge to help you get ✨ RESULTS
Remember, this Challenge will help you to make confident decisions in areas of your life to:

🔥 Rekindle Your Relationship 🔥
🔥 Improve your Health & Well-Being 🔥
🔥 Financial or Career Satisfaction 🔥
🔥 Pursue a Passion, a Hobby, a Life-Long Goal 🔥
Be part of a group of other LIKE-MINDED MEN, wanting to make changes.
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✅  Day 1 - gaining clarity amongst all the overwhelm
Why it's so important to have a focus in your life and make sure it's the most important thing.
✅  Day 2 - identifying priorities
Day 2 will help you to prioritise your goals list in order of importance, so can really hyper-focus for success
✅  Day 3 - how to write goals effectively using SMART PP
The key to any goal is not just writing it down, but writing it such that it motivets you to work from a place of inspiration, not need.
✅  Day 4 - making habits stick
On day 4 you'll be introduced to and start implementing a Daily Habits Tracker.
✅  Day 5 - working your plan for the next 30 days
This will be your chance to plan the next 30 days, on your terms!
Free tools and tips will be shared daily to support you on your journey.

What you will get:


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Daily Inspiration

Need help to stay motivated with your daily challenges?

There’ll be daily inspirational posts in the group to keep you on track.


Suport To Grow

You'll join a supportive, like minded community, offering encouragement, accountability, and a dose of fun as we complete this together!