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Feel Empowered and Ready for an Unstoppable 2022!


Why is it that 80% of people who set goals for the New Year fail by mid-February?
It's not that people aren't able to map-out plans or have the drive to change and improve with the new year. They reassure you (and themselves) how they’re absolutely committed to their success.
As a faith-inspired coach, I come across many sisters and brothers who have set goal after goal and STILL can’t seem to hit them. It isn’t because their goals are "too big" or they aren’t using the right strategies or tools. It’s about who you need to BECOME to accomplish that goal.

And that's where I come in.....


I can help you to:
- Make wiser career and work choices
- Create a better work & life balance
- Identify & overcome limiting beliefs
- Identify inspiring goals
- Identify your Core Values
- Improve your self care routine
- Improve your relationships
- Connect more to your faith

As Muslims, the key to knowing what is centrally important to us is guided by our faith. When we look at our lives through our 'faith lens', we will begin to see the need to frame our life according to what will serve us best - in this life and the next.

Together, we will identify not only what is important to you but HOW you can achieve each and every goal through being faith-inspired.

I will help you to uncover what's been holding you back and provide you the tools to be able to recognise and overcome them.

Together we will create a plan... a plan that you are actually passionate about. And most importantly, we’ll create a plan that you’re going to win, insha'Allah.

Whether you're looking for better health and well-being, a stronger faith, the career of your dreams, your ideal life partner, to rekindle a relationship, or to feel more assured & confident when making important decisions.....

I can help support your journey as a coach.

For a limited time only, I have an offer right  now on the packages below.

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ReNEW YOU! Breakthrough Package

This is a three-session package that will help you ...

  • Establish your focus for the year ahead
  • Uncover and understand your core values & beliefs to help support your new path
  • Identify a custom plan for the next 12 months
Guarantee - have improved CLARITY on what you can do for the coming year, aligned to your Core Values.


This package includes a full pre-session 'life audit'. Each session is up to 60 minutes and there will be some work set in-between sessions.

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ReNEW YOU! Power Hour

In this Power Hour call, we will dig deep and get to the heart of a particular life challenge or dilemma you are facing right now. I will provide you with a safe space to talk through the issues or challenges that you are having.

In this session we will:

  • Establish a focus
  • Work together to explore the options you have
  • Identify three immediately actionable steps for you to follow
Guarantee - leave the call with improved CLARITY on what you can do immediately to help you move forward


 This package includes a full pre-session 'life audit' and is 90 minutes long.


 Really, from the bottom of my heart, I feel humbled and honoured to learn from Brother Tafazal. Life needs a turning point when it becomes too painful, but it should never have got to that point. We need to learn strategies from real people and real stories to get to a better place.

Why me?

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Can you imagine feeling as though you had to start your life over again….

I don’t have to imagine, I did.

In my 50s, the last thing that I was expecting was a divorce. It left me feeling unworthy and lost as I had built my whole life on looking after others at the expense of my own health and well-being. I was depressed and lost my self-esteem and self-worth. How did I even get here? My confidence was at an all-time low.

A fear of abandonment coming from my childhood lead me to make the wrong decisions in life.

After years of struggling, I decided that I had enough.

I became tired of feeling sorry for myself.

I hit the 'reset' button; giving myself the chance to start over again.

The more I focused on myself, the more I discovered who I was and what I needed from life.

Thoughts and feelings that held me back before, started to lose their power until they were no longer a challenge.

I started to uncover my true potential and worth.

Feeling truly empowered, I began to live a life aligned to who I was at the very core of my being.

This helped me to end the cycle of apathy and frustration.

I evolved and transformed. There were no limits to my goals and dreams now.

I believe that the greatest expression of love is self-care because it got out me of depression and helped me to lead a life feeling happy and fulfilled.
You see, the key to change wasn’t only in knowing what I needed to do, it was the actual doing that changed everything for me....
My mission is now to help others feel empowered to make important life decisions. To feel they are worthy and deserving of happiness. To feel valued and at peace.

So if you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and will commit to do what’s needed to live a life that you have always deserved, let's begin...

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The sessions have provided answers to many of my questions and sense of understanding was derived through a sharp increase in my confidence, positivity and self-awareness .”

- T Khalid


"This (sesssion) was an opportunity to look into myself almost as if an internal mirror had been placed in front of me."

- A Khan


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Really gives you the tools to look deep within yourself and find out who you truly are. Highly recommend!

- Rasheed T


"I wear many hats in life and Tafazal has been able to help me keep track of my personal and professional goals, combining bespoke periodic goal-setting with super-responsive crisis management. "

- Ahmed E

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Tafazal Masha'Allah has a  phenominal mindset and a creative approach to get to the matter and then systematically work through issues."

- Sajid B


"If you are really serious about being the positive change you need in your own life, I can't recommend enough!

- Zafran M


I guarantee that you will love the sessions and feel really empowered and set up for 2022, or I will give you a full refund*